Facebook For Actors: Fanpage vs. Profile SMACKDOWN!

When it comes to Facebook for actors, the No. 1 question I get is ALWAYS:

Should I have a Fanpage?

In order to answer that in a way that’s useful and gives you actions to take that will get you to The Red Carpet, we must first understand what you’re doing on Facebook – what your GOAL is for being on Facebook.

Facebook For Actors

Usually actors who are on Facebook are on it for one of two main purposes:

Purpose #1 – Sharing photos and fun/interesting posts with friends and family


Purpose #2 – Promoting acting-related stuff in hopes of garnering attention from powerful people in the entertainment industry (aka Casting Directors, Directors, Producers, etc).

Sometimes it’s a combination of the two.

If you focus on purpose #1 and your sole reason is fun…Great! I applaud fun. I encourage fun.  Facebook for actors or anyone should be fun.  Fun and joy are the purpose of life, right? :-)

However, if you focus on purpose #2 and you’re promoting your acting-related stuff on Facebook and you don’t know how to do it THE RIGHT WAY , you may be shooting your acting career in the foot … so to speak.

Let’s deal with purpose #2 today and assume you want to use Facebook for promoting your acting career. So, before we get into whether you should or shouldn’t we first have to understand what your specific goals SHOULD be when it comes to using Facebook.

Facebook For Actors | Goal #1: To Get More Auditions & Opportunities


If you are using Facebook in an attempt to get auditions then first of all, let me say you are SMART. They are there for the taking and if you’re not out there using some awesome, tricked-out search techniques to find them, you are missing out. FYI, I show you a couple of awesome ways to do that in the FREE “Social Discover Me” webclass, which you can register for HERE.

So, can you get auditions from having a fanpage? Not really. The fanpage is a passive marketing strategy – meaning you create interesting stuff to draw FANS to you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The purpose of a Facebook fanpage is to get fans. To gain a following. To stay in touch with your existing following and share interesting content that is laser-targeted to them so they keep coming back for more.
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Which leads us to goal #2.

Facebook For Actors | Goal #2: To Expand Your Network and Make Powerful Relationships with Industry Players Who Can Hire You

So, will a Facebook fanpage help you create relationships with industry influencers? Not really. It will help you create relationships with fans…IF and only IF, you know how to use it effectively.

See what I mean in this “Facebook For Actors” video:

So, do you want relationships with fans or do you want relationships with industry influencers who can hire you? See why you need a GOAL for a marketing strategy? It will always help you stay on track and keep you from throwing stuff against the wall and wasting your time. And your time is precious, right?

Facebook For Actors Tip: You get the best ROI (Return On Investment) from Facebook when you learn to use your profile to create powerful relationships.

Let’s be clear about a Facebook fanpage. It is an ADVANCED marketing strategy. If you don’t know HOW to use it effectively, you are probably struggling to get fans. And, if you have a page and have fans, you are probably struggling to engage those fans in any serious way…

UNLESS…you’re already sort of famous or semi-famous. But for the purposes of this blog, I’m going to assume you are not and that you are still working your way toward permanent Red Carpet status.

ROI is key to any marketing strategy. As an actor on Facebook, you should be learning how to use your profile to powerfully attract industry influencers. That’s where your ROI is on your time.

Learn that and you will start getting more auditions than time. Learn that and you will be creating a powerful network that will get you in rooms you never dreamed possible. Learn that and get ready to firmly plant those Jimmy Choos on The Red Carpet.

You DESERVE The Red Carpet!
P.S.  Want 20 awesome social media tips that you can use to start making great connections, get more auditions and acting opportunities (without :self-promoting” at all)? Click here to join me for my upcoming free webclass “Social Discover Me: 20 Simple Social Media Tips For Actors Who Want More Work”.

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16 Responses

  1. Robert Sean-Riaz says:

    Thanks Amy. I thought I was being left out of some crazy phenomenon when I see all these ‘Actors’ on Facebook getting a ‘Fan’ page! I thought maybe ‘Facebook Fan Page’ is helping those ‘Actors’ get roles for some reason.

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  3. Mitzi Marshall says:

    I am all signed up for the class! Can’t wait! I feel like I under use these tools now and haven’t known which way to turn and then BAM! Amy Jo has the answers waiting for me!

  4. Rachel Meares says:

    Thank you Amy for the advice, so inspiring…a profile is best because you have to first brand and market your self well and its easier to connect with actors, casting directors, producers, agents and managers. A fan page later, is the result of making your profile interesting and using social media the right way

  5. Mary Suzanne Ordonio says:

    Thank you very much Amy! I think making a fanpage is like you’re “magneting” fans not Casting Directors, Producers, etc. haha

  6. Johnny Farrell says:

    Thank you so much Amy. Great answer to a top of the list question!

  7. Amory Watterson says:

    Thank you so much for this information.

  8. MEL says:

    This is great sword sharpening Amy, adding this to my fb arsenal… #GO

  9. Keila Rosado says:

    Thanks Amy! I appreciate you taking the time to add an extra tip to everything you already included in the SocialDiscoverMe Webinar. Definitely lifts some of the fog. ;) You sound like you REALLY love what you do. It’s inspiring to see!

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