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The Audition Sides Mistake That Drives Casting Directors Bonkers

audition sides mistake electronic sides with border

Big audition mistake, BIG audition consequences.

Seems logical, right?


Sometimes the smallest audition mistake can have the HUGEST impact.

Like this one…

AUDITION TIP | How To Know What Casting Directors Want At Your Callback…Without Being Psychic

audition tip

Get out the crystal ball…

Because if you’re not psychic, your acting career may be in trouble…

At least that’s how it feels when it comes to knowing what Casting Directors want from you in the audition room sometimes, right?…

Or more specifically at your callback.

ESPECIALLY a callback! (You'll see what I mean when you watch the video below…)  Read more >>

Audition Tips | 5 Ways To Standout & Be Memorable To Casting Directors


As someone who’s spent 20 years in the entertainment business as a Casting Director, including 14 years as Vice President of Casting at HBO, I have held a lot of auditions, seen thousands of self-taped auditions, met and hired a ton of actors.

With all that casting experience behind me, and the thousands and thousands of actors that I’ve auditioned and coached, I can tell you this with 100% certainty:

As an actor, there are specific things that you can do that make you memorable to Casting Directors (in a good way). Read more >>

The Perfect Audition Finale: 3 Ways To Button Your Audition With A Bang!


Whew!  It’s over…

Or is it?…

When it comes to auditioning, there are so many different skills to master and audition tools to use, sometimes it’s tough to remember to use them…especially when you're under all that audition pressure.

Probably one of the simplest, yet the most powerful audition tool that you can use comes at the end of your audition just when you thought it was over… It's this one… Read more >>

Are You Being A “Bobblehead” In Your Auditions?…Here’s the “Cheat”


It was disturbing to watch…

And it happened over and over in audition after audition…

And you might be doing it too.

It’s what I call the “bobblehead” audition.

2 Audition Tips To Master The Last Minute Audition “Sides Switcheroo”

What is an audition “Sides Switcheroo”?  It goes something like this…

You get the sides.  You work really hard on them.  Maybe you get coached.  You've got this!  You feel good about your choices. You are thoroughly prepared and ready to go in and give it your all. The audition is just a couple of hours from now.  Lots to do before then…and suddenly your phone rings. It's your agent…

Guess what? There are NEW sides and they want you to read those instead of the ones you've been working on.  Ugh.

audition tip sides switch

If you’ve been auditioning for a while, then you know what I’m talking about. If you're newer to the business, then it's best you learn how to master this now because it happens…often. Read more >>

The 3-Step Cure To Break Audition-Killing Patterns In Your Audition Dialogue

Even if you don’t do musicals, there’s music in your auditions.

As an actor, you’ve probably experienced it more as rhythm and it’s more important to the health of your auditions than you realize.

audition auditions audition tips

Truthfully, unless you’re a dancer or a musician or a singer, you’ve probably never really considered rhythm as an important factor in your auditions… Or rather, from my perspective in Casting, having sat on the other side of your auditions for years and years, not nearly as much as you should.

In this blog, you’ll finally understand the importance of rhythm in your auditions and you'll discover 3 simple steps to break dangerous patterns easily and make your auditions sing (no pun intended). Read more >>

Audition Tip: How To Master Transitions To Make Your Audition Stand Out

Weird Fact: Audition tips about audition transitions are scarce.

audition tips audition transitions

I know. I looked.

There are tips on so many other things when it comes to acting — self-taping tips, mastering a crying scene in auditions, how to not psyche yourself out in auditions, etc.

But nada on transitions…until now.

Self-Taped Auditions: What Casting Directors Really Want To SEE

During my career in Casting, I've seen A LOT of self-tapes. And, as most Casting Directors these days, I've cast directly from self-taped auditions from as well.

self-taped audition

However, the one thing that just kills me about self-tapes is all the could-have-been-great-self-tapes that you got terribly wrong… And so, you lost your shot.


While there are a lot of reasons to love self-taping, it's easier to love if it produces results for you…aka BOOKINGS.

In today's self-taping audition tip video below, you'll find out the number one thing you must get right and, more importantly WHY… Read more >>

2 Film Audition Tips For Stage Actors – A Casting Director POV

Film audition tips can sometimes be the hardest to digest when you're an actor coming from theatre to film and television. It can almost feel like you have to learn acting all over again…

…Which is crazy because you didn't accumulate all those theatre credits from NOT knowing how to act, right?

film audition tips

But acting for film and television is different from theatre acting.  It just is.

And therefore, auditioning for film and television is also different.  Read more >>

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